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Friday, September 9, 2011

Building My Altar

Every step along this journey of hope, every lesson I've learned, I have had to stop to build my altar and lay down -again and again- those things that I let become greater than my trust in the Lord. ie: my fear (over and over), my pride, my control, my lack of patience, and the greatest: my dreams.
Where did I build my altar? Here. This blog.

I do not write this blog because I have such great depth of knowledge and wisdom and feel I should share it with everyone out there in cyberspace. I write this blog because I need a place of remembrance.  That is what an altar is: a place of remembrance. It may not be made of bricks and stone, but it is a marked spot that I can go back to and remember all that I have learned. David many times would write "a psalm to bring to remembrance" (Ps.38and 70)

Before I began blogging, I was learning hard lessons each month as I faced each new challenge to my faith. However, in the next month or so, I would be struggling with something and realizing "this is the same thing I learned LAST month, just from a different angle!" I was learning and then forgetting. So I began to write down little titles for myself to help me remember what I've learned. You may remember some of them, as some have become blog posts. "Prisoner of Hope", "Use Your Fighting Words" etc.
Hopefully my altar has been an encouragement to you too along the way!!

In the Old Testament, there are many examples of people to whom the Lord had spoken; to mark this moment and REMEMBER all that the Lord had said, they would build an altar.

"Then the LORD said to him, 'Peace be with you; do not fear, you shall not die.' So Gideon built an altar there to the LORD, and called it The-LORD-Is-Peace." Judges 6:23,24

 I have built my altar and have called it PRISONER OF HOPE!

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  1. What a great reminder, Elisa. I tend to do the same thing -- learn a lesson and then have to relearn it soon after! Creating a place where we can remember God's lessons to us is certainly a good idea.
    - Aimee