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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I will NOT bow....

Recently I've been struck profoundly by the story of Shadrach Meshach and AbedNego found in Daniel chapter 3. This is a famous Sunday School story I have heard my whole life.
Let me RECAP:
Three young Hebrew men were serving in King Nebuchadnezzars kingdom as high ranking officials. King Neb (for short) created a HUGE statue that he wanted everyone to bow down to whenever they heard the special music playing. If the people did NOT bow, they would be thrown into a fiery furnace. Scary stuff.
As we know the 3 Hebrews worshiped God and refused to bow to the golden statue. When King Neb heard this he was furious and told the guards to make the furnace 3x's hotter! Really scary stuff.
Here's the part that has gripped my heart... Shadrach Meshach and AbedNego responded saying:
"O Neb, we have no reason to answer you in this matter. If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and He will deliver us from your hand O King." (that's the part we all shout "YEAH, GREAT faith!")

but wait ... they continue...
"BUT IF NOT, let it be known to you O King, that we do not serve your gods...."
There it is.
This is what a true heart of submission and trust looks like.

I love their ENORMOUS faith. However, it's really easy to skip over this crucial part of their faith. They KNEW God was able. They were also not shaken by what God's decision would be.

This is not about giving up on our dreams. No, it's about a heart that is submitted to His timing and His way. I KNOW God is able to create life in me. But, WHEN He does it is up to HIM. When we get a promise from God, we hold on to it. Sometimes it doesn't come in the time frame we are expecting it to come in. Sometimes it doesn't even look like what we thought it would look like. What is important however, is that we do not BOW.

Every month that I get a negative pregnancy test, I have a   "But If NOT" moment. What is my response to a situation that seems like God did not come through again? I want to bow... to the gods of  despair, depression, fear etc.
After seeing this so clearly and recognizing what I was doing- it had to STOP!   I WILL NOT BOW any longer. God will come through and He will do ALL that He has promised.

Whatever it may be in your life, choose today not to bow to what you see; circumstances that would cause you to doubt the hand of God in your life. Choose to believe that He is working even when we don't see Him. Choose to believe, like Shadrach, Meshack and AbedNego, with hearts submitted to HIS plan, God will deliver us from the fiery furnace. God did deliver them AND He will deliver you too!

Luke 1:45
"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord! "


  1. Elisa,
    I have to process this some much has shaken me the past few months...but for now let me just say that this is GOOD. Really GOOD and a brand new perspective to a common story that we might just gloss over. Thanks for being willing to put your hurt out there but even more so how God is helping you and teaching you while you wait. Love you tons, Shannon

  2. Thank you so much Shannon :) It's always great to hear that what I am learning is resonating with someone else too!!
    Love you so much~ Elisa

  3. I re-read this again today and was really encouraged by it. I needed this reminder from the Lord. Thanks, Elisa. xo

  4. Elisa, I finally figured out how to comment on your blog! I have always enjoyed reading what God has been leading you to write. I look at some of these old posts and it's amazing how you continuously looked to the Lord during your journey of trying to conceive. I am so happy that you are pregnant. May you continue to allow the Lord to guide you as you experience the challenges and joys of being a mother!

  5. Thank you Danielle!! And thank you for your continued encouragement through my journey!! I love to see God's hand opening new doors of opportunity to you and watching you walk boldly through them!!